Couponing for Plants?

Have you seen the television show where people use coupons to get thousands of dollars of grocery and household items for free? It is called Extreme Couponing. Boy, is it fascinating! (oh, I saw you rolling your eyes!) Believe me, it really is. The people on these shows have rooms full of products that they bought for pennies! They buy hundreds of identical products at a time even if they have no idea if they like the products. If it’s cheap or free, they’ll buy it.

You can find coupons for all sorts of items from grocery to household goods. It made me start to wonder if there are ever coupons for plants or landscaping supplies. I have not seen any around our town. Have you? If you have, I would love to hear where you found them and what you were able to buy. Mulch? Flowers? Baskets? Where do you get your best landscape deals?

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