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Blue John’s Cavern Novel Released


Blue John’s Cavern is a new book from the owner of Mini Me Geology. Mixed with adventure and a little science fiction, this new novel is perfect for young readers.

             BLUE JOHN’S CAVERN
A Crystal Cave Adventures Novel

Emma and Brody are two normal thirteen year old kids living in the small town of Diamond Falls, West Virginia. When Brody introduces Emma to Mr. M, a famous geologist who lives across the street, they have no idea that their lives are about to dramatically change. Mr. M is preparing his prized rock and mineral collection for display at the state museum. One night, he arrives home after dinner to find his house open and his samples destroyed. Eager to help restore the collection, Emma and Brody offer to find new samples for the aging geologist. Mr. M accepts their offer but little do they know that he is about to send them through a time portal in a crystal cave back to Castleton, Derbyshire, England in 1775, to recover the rare Blue John Fluorite. With the help of a young girl named Max, the kids have to get the fluorite samples without being seen by the gun-carrying soldiers that guard the cave and then find their way back to the present before they are imprisoned forever. This adventure will be a test of their courage and bravery, but also their mystery solving skills as they try to figure out a secret that entwines Mr. M and Max. Trust me when I say this though, it won’t be easy.

A Yummy Geology Lesson

This post originated over at and we thought it was a fun idea to pass along to you! This is a yummy geology lesson that you can do with your kids while it’s too cold outside to start planning this year’s garden.

chocolate chip cookie with a bite outWhat can be yummier than chocolate chip cookies?  Well, they are a cool metamorphic rock experiment too!  Baking cookies is a great way to observe what can happen when a rock is metamorphosed because of high heat (like contact metamorphism).

This experiment is an easy way to describe metamorphic change to children because they can see that the raw and baked dough are the same ingredients that are changed by heat. All you need is your favorite cookie recipe. Each ingredient is a “mineral” that is mixed together with other minerals to create a cookie rock. When you expose the cookie dough to high heat in the oven, the dough turns into a metamorphic rock cookie!

This experiment is included in our Metamorphic Mystery Rock Detectives Kit.

Welcome to Rock Around the Garden!

Peony Flower

Peony Flower

Welcome to Rock Around the Garden!

Join me as we turn our brown thumbs to green and spice up our gardens with some beautiful rocks! My name is Tracy Barnhart and I am a geologist who is desperately trying to learn to grow plants and make my yard beautiful. I have writing freelance for several years and focus on mainly using rocks and plants to enhance your living space. So buckle up, and let’s get rockin’!

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