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Couponing for Plants?

Have you seen the television show where people use coupons to get thousands of dollars of grocery and household items for free? It is called Extreme Couponing. Boy, is it fascinating! (oh, I saw you rolling your eyes!) Believe me, it really is. The people on these shows have rooms full of products that they bought for pennies! They buy hundreds of identical products at a time even if they have no idea if they like the products. If it’s cheap or free, they’ll buy it.

You can find coupons for all sorts of items from grocery to household goods. It made me start to wonder if there are ever coupons for plants or landscaping supplies. I have not seen any around our town. Have you? If you have, I would love to hear where you found them and what you were able to buy. Mulch? Flowers? Baskets? Where do you get your best landscape deals?

We’re Planting Garden Blueberries!

This year, I have decided to plant some blueberries. A friend of mine has several blueberry bushes in her backyard that produce so many blueberries that she gives away pies all summer long. My kids love blueberries so I thought it was time to try my hand at growing them. I did some research to learn a little about blueberries and I want to share this information with you so that you can join me in planting these fantastic plants in your own garden.

Deciduous blueberry shrubs have an open form and are generally two to eight feet tall depending on the variety. However, some types may reach 12 to 15 feet tall. When you are choosing plants for your garden, make sure that you have the space necessary, both width and height. Blueberry plants have leaves that are typically one half to three inches long and are a pointed, oval shape that alternate sides along the thin branches of the shrub. The green leaves have a white to gray color on the underside. The leaves turn an attractive bright red color in the autumn each year, which enhances the look of your garden in the cooler months.

Blueberry shrubs produce small, white bell-shaped flowers that bloom from spring to early summer. Some flowers may have a green or pink look as well. The flowers form in clusters and yield to the development of the blueberry fruit In the summer. Blueberry fruit is one quarter to one half inch in diameter at maturity. Initially, the berry is green, then turns to a pink hue and finally a light purple when it is ripe. As the fruit grows, it has a powdery coating for protection that will rub off onto your fingers when you touch the berry. There are three main varieties of blueberries that grow in different regions around the country: the Lowbush, Highbush and Rabbiteye. We will talk about each those next.

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