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Hanging Basket Dilemma

Hanging Basket

Hanging Railing Basket


Up first in my garden transformation is to fix the problem with the hanging baskets on the front porch. Every year, my kids help me pick flowers to grow in our hanging baskets. We have long planters on the railings (shown left) and hooks for hanging pots above.

In the past, we grew flowers from seed and young plants that we purchased at heights of 4 to 6 inches with blooms. I’ve tried begonias, zinnias, marigolds, morning glory and several others. None of these flowers made it through the summer. We live in the suburbs of Charleston, South Carolina and when the temperatures reach 100 degrees F, I have not been able to save any of the flowers. I also use upside down pots above the railing baskets with the same success rate for similar plants.

Front of My House

Front of My House

As you can see from this photo, the front of our house around the porch is fairly plain. We have a white house with a black door. My new strategy is to plant perennials in the fall. First, I must research which plants can survive the climate here. Because the house is plain, I need something with color and texture to spice up the front of the house.

I also want to find an inventive way to use some rock in the front of the house to add some more interest in the design. Step 1 will be to research the perfect plants for my railing and hanging baskets. Stay tuned!

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