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Use Raised Beds for Attractive Landscapes and Easy Gardens

Raised garden beds can be a great answer for plants who need perfect soil conditions or gardeners who need a little extra help establishing and maintaining that beautiful landscape. These garden beds have many advantages because they are easier to tend due to their elevation and superior drainage, you can use optimal garden soil rather than amending the soil in your yard, the soil generally requires less yearly upkeep than traditional gardens and they work well with shrubs, flowers and vegetables.

If you are super handy and enjoy a little construction project you can build the raised by yourself using wood or rock slabs such as granite or sandstone. Alternatively, there are a myriad of raised bed kits available at garden centers and online that make easy and attractive additions to your yard. For rustic gardens, you can simply create a free-form pile of soil as your raised bed rather than going to the expense and of using wood or stone to create edging.

Once your raised garden bed is together, simply fill it with a good garden soil and top mulch that is appropriate for your plants. You can add more soil and mulch as necessary each growing season. Raised beds drain well so choose a good quality soil with enough organic content to retain moisture. Always check the recommended uses on the bags of soil when you buy them at the garden center.

For small areas try this Easy Gardener 48-inch by 6-inch round raised garden kit. This kit allows you to quickly set up a garden bed in almost any area of your yard. This little gem allows you to quickly assemble the sidewalls that are made of weather resistant composites and recycled wood flour. The wall height is six inches making it perfect for a showy garden of colorful flowers or vegetables.

Larger areas can handle this Greenes raised garden bed that measures 4-foot by 6-foot rectangle that is 9-inches high. This beautiful raised bed is constructed of sustainably harvested wood and is perfect for larger areas when you have significant space to cover or have a large variety of plants that need a home.

My next raised garden is going to be a salsa garden. This is a great starter garden for non-gardeners and children because after your vegetables grow, you can make a great salsa. A salsa garden is exactly as it sounds – a garden with plants that grow the ingredients for your favorite salsa recipe. Choose plants such as cilantro, tomato, tomatillos, jalapeno pepper, habanero pepper (if you are truly brave), and onion. Yummy!

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