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Highbush Blueberry Shrubs

Highbush blueberry varieties grow throughout the United States. Northern highbush blueberries prefer colder climates (Zones 7 through 9) while southern highbush shrubs prefer the warmth of the south (Zones 3 through 8). If you do not know your zone, review the USDA Zone map. When you are choosing your plants, pick several cultivars to promote cross-pollination in the garden. Cross-pollination is not required for highbush varieties; however, it will help your blueberry bushes to grow larger with more abundant blueberry fruit over a longer growing season.

Popular Highbush Blueberry Varieties that Ripen Early Season (May and June)

  • Northland Short
  • O’Neal

Popular Highbush Blueberry Varieties that Ripen Mid Season (July and early August)

  • Patriot Short
  • Bluetta
  • Spartan
  • Blueray
  • Meader
  • Patriot
  • Cape Fear
  • Bluecrop
  • St. Cloud Short
  • Rubel
  • Northland
  • Blue Ridge
  • Georgia Gem
  • Bluecrop
  • Nelson
  • Blue Gold Short
  • Legacy
  • Summit

Popular Highbush Blueberry Varieties that Ripen Late Season (late July through early September)

  • Jersey
  • Elliot
  • Ozarkblue
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